The Öztürk Döner Produktion GmbH & Co. KG attaches great emphasis on high quality standards - and that being in all work areas. This applies especially to the twelve different products that leave the factory in Waldburg Hannober fresh and with the greatest possible care and hygiene each day. Meat here is still processed according to old tradition!


Hygiene is the fundamental requirement for the consistently high quality of our products. Being an EU certified butchery company, we fulfil the strict hygiene guidelines of the HACCP system in our company.

  • Cleaning of the company is carried out in accordance with HACCP standards
  • Trained personnel for maintaining the hygiene guidelines
  • In-house person responsible for personal hygiene
  • Sterile protective clothing for visitors


Our meat is always supplied two days after being slaughtered so that the meat does not loose its quality. We partially strip, de-bone and cut the meat into strips each day.


In order not to interrupt the cooling chain, the doner kebab skewers taken directly from the dispatch rooms into the refrigerated vehicles and supplied directly to the respective customer or retailer.

Halal meat processing

Öztürk Döner uses meat only from Halal certified slaughterhouses. We place great importance in this. With our Halal certification, we guarantee our customers that only "ritually pure" goods have been used in the production processes, whose consumption is designated as "Halal".