Our classic

The matching offer for everyone's taste - naturally also for those favouring poultry

  • Chicken doner
  • Chicken-turkey doner
  • Turkey-chicken doner
  • Turkey calf doner

Lux – revolving mincemeat doner spit

The perfect mixture of the finest meat - only original with the secret seasoning mix

  • Young bulls meat
  • Turkey meat
  • 30% sliced meat, 70% mincemeat

Classic - Mincemeat doner spit

One of our most favoured products - from customers and consumers

  • Young bulls meat
  • Turkey meat
  • 5-10% sliced meat, 90-95% mincemeat

Anadolu mincemeat doner spit

Mincemeat and sliced meat: a mixture matched perfectly to each other

  • Young bulls meat
  • Beef
  • 10-15% sliced meat, 85-90% mincemeat

Türkiyem Yaprak doner kebab

A spit that is only made from sliced meat and offers pure taste

  • 100% sliced meat

Döner Kebab Original

The spit in its original form - Halal certified naturally

  • 40% sliced meat, 60% mincemeat

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